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Luxury Heated Socks. More comfort, more heat: £128.50

Heated Clothing | Socks-Heated |  Luxury Heated Socks. More comfort, more heat: £128.50

Luxury Heated Socks

Luxury Heated Socks

Apart from providing heat, these Warmthru socks are designed to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue.
Popular with Raynauds sufferers, these are Heated Compression Socks. Great for holding muscles and tendons nice and tight and getting heat directly to your toes. This is a great product, Warmthru's Number two best seller - see further down for more information.


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Price: £128.50 / €145.21 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Product Details

Warmthru Luxury Socks:

Our Socks hug your leg offering a very comfortable wearing experience. They are sometimes used by physiotherapists for the treatment of Sports injuries because of their holding and elastic capability, however this capacity can also be used to strengthen the leg and foot in order to help PREVENT injury.

This, combined with the Warmthru heat capability makes for an exciting heated product that can help both prevent AND treat sports injuries.

These socks can be used by anybody but we think Skiers, Climbers and Hillwalkers in particular will be interested in this product. Or if you are challenged by blood circulation issues such as Raynauds, they may well be the product you have been waiting for.

Main Features:

* Modular design so you can replace all the bits separately.
* 100% Washable - because heat-element is easily removed from fabric.
* Choice of four sizes - S,M,L,XL (click SIZE GUIDE button above for detail).
* Great heat!
* Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries - price includes two 3.7V batteries with charger.
* Flexible heat-element slides easily in and out of special foot-pocket.
* Super-elasticated fabric means one-size-fits all sizing.
* 3.7V batteries last for around 3-4 hours.
* Safe to use.
* Initial charging time around 4-6 hrs, then 5 hours.
* Click MORE INFO button above for more details.

Your Order will include:

* 1 pair of socks.
* 2 rechargeable batteries.
* 2 flexible heat elements, cable, jacks.
* 1 battery charger with 2 jacks.
* 2 elasticated velcro leg-straps with battery pocket .

Please select a charger which is appropriate for your geographical location, either UK, USA or EU

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Warmthru Heated Sporting Compression Socks
Warmthru Heated Socks
Just socks
Heat Element
Fabric cable loops
Batteries in place
Compression Socks
Fabric cable loops
Batteries in place

Heated Clothing | Socks-Heated |  Luxury Heated Socks. More comfort, more heat: £128.50


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