Heated Clothing

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Warmthru Heated Socks: £115.20

Heated Clothing | Socks-Heated |  Warmthru Heated Socks: £115.20

Heated Socks

Heated Socks

Popular with Raynauds sufferers, these socks are great for getting heat directly to your toes. Note: if you are a skier and use ski boots you may have difficulty adjusting the element. Other than that this is a great product, Warmthru's Number two best seller - see further down for more information.

Ref: AB-HS-1

In stock

Price: £115.20 / €134.78 (Including VAT at 20%)


Spare Battery Pairs

Spare Sock Pair (no elements)

Spare Heat Elements

Additional Element Pairs

Charger Type

Colour & Size (No black Medium)

Charge batteries in car

Image gallery

Warmthru Heated Socks
Warmthru Heated Socks
Heated Socks- black
Heated Socks- grey
Pair of 3.7V Batteries available with the Standard Version
Heated Socks- black
Heated Socks- grey
Pair of 3.7V Batteries available with the Standard Version
Pair of 7.4V Batteries available with the Deluxe Version

In May 2009 at the age of 65, Ranulph Fiennes successfully scaled Mount Everest.
He chose Hotmitts to heat his hands on this epic journey.

Warmthru now has the Hotmitts from that journey, signed and returned by RF - first offer of 2,500GBP will secure.
Funds will be donated to Marie Curie.

Product Details

Heated Socks: Rechargeable, Washable, Unisex , Modular Ref: WTech-HS2

* Modular design so you can replace all the bits separately.
* 100% Washable - because heat-element is easily removed from fabric.
* Choice of two colours; grey and black - see drop-down menu further below.
* Amazing heat.
* Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries - price includes two 3.7V batteries with on-off switches.
* Flexible heat-element slides easily in and out of special foot-pocket.
* Super-elasticated fabric means one-size-fits all sizing.
* 3.7V Batteries last 4 to 5 hours used continuously.
* Safe to use.
* One size fits all.
* Initial charging time around 4-8 hrs, then 5 hours.

Your Order will include:

* 1 pair of black socks.
* 2 rechargeable batteries.
* 2 flexible heat elements, cable, jacks.
* 1 battery charger with 2 jacks.
* 2 elasticated velcro leg-straps .

Please choose the most suitable charger that corresponds to your location

3D Product View

Warmthru Heated Socks Video



Heated Clothing | Socks-Heated |  Warmthru Heated Socks: £115.20


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