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Waterproof (No Palm-Zip): 138.00GBP

Heated Clothing | NEW G2 Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens |  Waterproof (No Palm-Zip): 138.00GBP

Hotmitts Heated Leather Mittens: Waterproof. Now 7.4V Batteries only for MORE HEAT.

Hotmitts Heated Leather Mittens: Waterproof. Now 7.4V Batteries only for MORE HEAT.

These amazing Mittens are now in stock, all sizes: S, M, L, XL. See product details below and Size Chart (Red Button). For heat and longevity click 'More Info' (Red Button).


In stock

Price: £138.00 / €155.94 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Here is one of the best products Warmthru has ever made, G2 Hotmitts ('G' for generation). Check out the Feature List below to find out how good they really are. There are two types - Waterproof and Water-Resistant. Both are Windproof, breathable goatskin leather. We tried really hard to make a waterproof Mitt but we also wanted a Zip down the palm to make it easier to have snacks or take a phone call without removing the Mitt - sadly we couldn't make that work. So now we have two types: if you are often out in really rainy or wet conditions then go for the waterproof, otherwise the water-resistant Hotmitts will serve you well, effectively keeping the rain at bay most of the time but they will eventually let in water in heavier conditions.

With G2 Hotmitts we've gone for consistent battery longevity and toasting hot temperatures if that's what you need - you choose. G2s have a carbon fibre conductive heat pad above the hand and another across the palm. We've done away with heat elements which are comparitively inefficient and more accident-prone. Both are jointly powered by one single 7.4v Battery per glove. For temperatures and longevity click the red 'More Info' button above. Because the gloves are leather they are good at trapping the heat, one of the main objectives with heated clothing - retaining the heat that is produced.

Who needs Hotmitts?

Hill walkers, Skiers, Sports fans in cold outdoor stadiums, those with cold, cold hands - in fact anyone exposed to cold temperatures where finger manipulation is not very important - however our new novel design does permit releasing the fingers via the palm-zip (Water-resistant Version only) which has got to be a big bonus.


* Two types - Windproof and Waterproof.
* Red button (7.4v): 3 hours heat 98c; White button: 6 hours 70c; Blue button: 9 hours 50c.
* Goatskin leather outers.
* Three heat levels using external push-button.
* Concealed pocket neatly hides battery away.
* Waterproof zips guard concealed battery pocket.
* Luxurious padding retains heat.
* Palm zip permits finger-release for snacks and phone calls.
* Elastic loop located inside wrist allows easy hanging on golf-clubs or similar.
* One year Manufacturers Warranty.
* Two7.4v Li-ion batteries with on/off switch as Standard.

We can ship to almost any destination. If you dont see your country in our list through Checkout just call us.

P+P: Choice of Recorded Delivery or Special (Next Day) Delivery if order placed before 11.30am (UK only) (Non-uk destinations may require an additional delivery charge - we will contact you post-purchase to let you know or you can contact us first for details).

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Two types - Waterproof and Water-resistant
Two Types - Waterproof and Water-Resistant
External Push-button to change heat
Powered by 3.7v single switch-battery.
Easy finger access to mobile phone, snacks etc without removing Mitt (Water-Resistant Mitt only).

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Heated Clothing | NEW G2 Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens |  Waterproof (No Palm-Zip): 138.00GBP


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